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The Iranian Journal of Neonatology is a peer-reviewed medical publication of the Iranian Association of Neonatology published quarterly by the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. This open access double-blind peer reviewed journal covers all aspect of neonatal-perinatal medicine to promote healthcare and management of newborn infants, pregnant women as well as the family of the neonate. The journal is indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) a part of Web of Science Core Collection by Clarivate & also Scopus by Elsevier.

Current Issue: Volume 15, Issue 3, July 2024, Pages 1-64 

Original Article

Intraocular Pressure of Premature Newborns – A 2 Year Follow up

Pages 3-8


Kiril Slaveykov; Kalina Trifonova; Hristo Mumdzhiev

Case Report

Whirl Pattern Complex Gastroschisis

Pages 55-59


Andrés Felipe Rubio Duarte; Mónica Beltrán-Avendaño; Daniella Chacón-Valenzuela

Radio-Tartaglia Syndrome: A Rare Cause of Delay in Neurodevelopment – A Case Report

Pages 60-64


Maria Ximena Arteaga Pichardo; Felipe Bernate; Juan Felipe Trujillo Angel; Maria Camila Santana Alba; Maria Paola Lubo; Natalia Avellaneda Perdigon; Lev Bladimir Ramirez; Daniel Jimenez; Sofia Atuesta Escobar; Isabel Fernandez Gonzalez; Luis Gustavo Celis Regalado

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