The effect of early post cesarean feeding on wound healing

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Introduction: wound complication is a main problem after cesarean section. Insufficient nutrition delay wound healing because decrease saved energy of body and provide conditions of infection. If nutrition be enough and suitable, body receive most of material and wound healing happen soon. There are a few papers about this problem and they have reported different results. So the aim of this paper was to detect: The effect of early post cesarean feeding on wound healing
Methods: This study was a controlled trial. The research population was women delivered by cesarean section in OmolBanin hospital. The samples consist of 82 women randomly assigned in two groups of study and control. The study group started oral fluids 4 hours after surgery, followed by regular diet after return of bowel sounds. The control group started oral fluids 12 hours after surgery then oral solid food was allowed after defecation. The groups were compared about flatulence and pain 4, 12,24,36,48 hours after surgery. Also the groups were compared about wound healing after 10 days by Reeda scale. Data was analyzed using chi-square, Fisher exact test, Kruskal walis test, t test and Mann Whitney.
Results: The mean of Reeda score was 0.39 in the early feed group and 0.63 in the control group. There wasn’t a statistically significant difference between groups (p=0.257).
Conclusions: Although the early feeding wasn’t effective on post cesarean wound healing, it did not increase infections and other wound complication.