Author = Mousa Ahmadpour-Kacho
Number of Articles: 2
1. Intestinal Lactobacillus Species: Is it Equal in Colicky and non-Colicky Breastfed Infants?

Volume 4, Issue 2, Summer 2013, Pages 1-4

Zahra Akbarian_Rad; Yadollah Zahedpasha; Mousa Ahmadpour-Kacho; Ramazan Rajabnia; Fatemeh Tohidi Tohidi

2. Association of vertebral, anal, cardiac, tracheoesophageal, renal and limb anomalies with auricle atresia; a case report

Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2010, Pages 38-41

Sedigeh Jahanshahifard; Hossein Saadat; Mousa Ahmadpour-Kacho; Sohail Osia; Yadolla zahedpasha