Evaluation of Outcome of Mothers with Breast Cancer during Pregnancy, Fetal and Neonatal Development

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Department of Gynecological Oncology, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Science, Yazd


uction:Breast cancer is the most common cancer in pregnant and non-pregnant women. It also occurs in one out of 3000 to 10000 delivery. The aim of this study is the evaluation of peri-natal and maternal outcome in women with pregnancy associated breast cancer.
Method:case series were reviewed retrospectively, which included 9 pregnant women diagnosed with cancer in shahid sadoughi hospital from 2002 to 2012. Data collected comprised demographics, pregnancy characteristics and outcomes, type of cancer, clinical stage, treatment and oncological outcome.
Result:The mean age of patients was 30.6 years, and the mean gestational age at diagnosis was 24.8 weeks. Surgical treatment was performed in all patients (3 modified radical mastectomy,5 breast conserving surgery  and 1 patient did not accept radical surgery and performed mass excision).8 patients were treated by chemotherapy, and in 3 by both.4 patients were diagnosed in stage2,2 patient were in stage 1 and 2 of patients were in stage 3.and one patients was in stage 4. Exclude one patient who did not accept any treatment, all of 8 gave chemotherapy during trimester 2 and 3 of pregnancy.3 patients gave anthracycline regimen and 5 gave a taxan. The patients who did not accept treatment died 18 months after delivary,but the other ones are alive and the disease are controlled. The neonates had normal weight (2100-3250g). The babies are normal after 12-24 months after delivery as neurological and diagnostic problem.
Conclusion: Pregnancy associated breast cancer is coming more these days due to increasing childbearing age .Also because radiotherapy is contraindicated in pregnancy, doing modified radical mastectomy should be done. Also chemotherapy during the second and the third trimester can be performed. Early diagnosis of breast cancer by performing biopsy in breast masses which are persistent more than 2 weeks during pregnancy help the women to have  lower stage of tumor, better surviaval and  the best quality of life.