Scrotal Hematoma Caused by Neonatal Bilateral Adrenal Hemorrhage: A Case Report

Document Type : Case Report


Pediatric Surgery, College of Medicine, Iraq


Background: A very uncommon manifestation of newborn adrenal hemorrhage is scrotal hematoma, it can mimicking event of acute scrotum. To our knowledge, there is no published large-scale clinical trial on neonatal scrotal hematoma caused by an adrenal hemorrhage. This is the first case of neonatal scrotal hematoma caused by an adrenal hemorrhage described in Iraq. We aimed to present a newborn diagnosed with adrenal hemorrhage presenting as a scrotal hematoma, based on history, clinical examination, lab tests, and colour Doppler sonography of both the testicles and the abdomen.
Case report: We present a term male, with left scrotal swelling and red discoloration were noted six days after delivery. An enlarged and bluish-discolored left hemiscrotum was detected throughout a physical examination. A left scrotal complicated haematoma was detected by an emergency scrotal ultrasonography. Bilateral adrenal hemorrhages were detected via abdominal ultrasonography. The diagnosis of a left scrotal hematoma due to bilateral adrenal haemorrhage was considered, and nonoperative therapy was chosen as the course of treatment. After two months, the hematoma had resolved.
Conclusion: One of the possible differential diagnoses for acute scrotum and a cause of misdiagnosis is scrotal hematoma brought on by newborn adrenal hemorrhage.


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