The Evaluation of Infants Admittion and Mortality Causes and Their Related Factors in sayed Al shohada hospital of farsan

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Introduction: First year of life especially is important in providing of a foundation for health and improvement of the life quality. In recent years Infants Mortality Rate has been decreased in our country but still is higher than the developed countries.
Methods: In our study data was collected in a questionnaire for 2012 -2013 Admittion and Mortality infant in sayed Al Shohada hospital of farsan. This study was a case – method.
Results: There was 608 infants .70% in infant ward and 30% in NICU ward. 100 percent of infant mortality was in neonatal period. The most important causes of death in neonatal were prematurity and low birth weight (77%). The most important causes of Admittion in NICU were icter (57%). In this study logistic regression analysis showed that few variables such as type of delivery, gestational age and weight of birth had the significant relationship with infant mortality. Prematurity and low birth weight was highly associated with mortality. Type of delivery, did not have the significant relationship with infant Admittion in NICU ward.
 Conclusion: Special care for premature and low birth weight infant and strengthening health care programs and emphasizing the need to identify high risk groups should be priorities