The consequence of neonates birth from high risk pregnancies at the maternity hospitals government of shiraz 2009

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Introduction: High risk is a pregnancy case which endangers the life of both mothers as well as fetus and The incidence between 10-30%being. Considering the importance of neonates health, it is decided in this research that , some of health indexes of born neonates from mothers whit high risk pregnancy to be studied. The findings of this plan can be used in programming procedure of pregnancy period observations, prevention of complication  and  birth health neonates.
Methods: This is a descriptive analytical study carried out on 250 pregnant mothers with high risk pregnancies who referred to different hospitals related to the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences( from  Mehr to Bahman2009) for various reasons, hospitalized, interviewed and their information were recorded . Collected data were analyzed using spss software and inferential statistics.
Results: the age of mothers with high risk pregnancy were between 14-48 years .30 cases of complication (13 cases(43.33%)deliver complication,15 cases(50%) medical and 2 cases(6.6%) and surgical complication were diagnosed( respectively) were being diagnosed . Among mothers,124(62.4%) have preterm labor, 156(62.4%) delivered naturally and remaining 94(37.6%) delivered by cesarean .                                                           76 neonate(29.81%)hospitalized at NICU. Reasons for hospitalization, immaturity, respiratory distress ,and etc. Meanwhile, a significant relation was observed between hospitalization of neonate and existence of delivery complications (P<0.005).Five neonates (1.88%) due to abnormality ,18 neonates(7.2%) before birth and 9 neonates(3.6%)after birth were died.    Conclusion: The incidence of high risk pregnancy in some cases is unpreventable .But , Pregnancy care trends can be summarized in, to have a healthy baby in the future or minimize complications for babies