The comparison of workshop training and offering booklet on knowledge, health beliefs and breastfeeding behavior after delivery

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Introduction: known benefits of breastfeeding have led the health policy based on promotion of breastfeeding. It seems that one of the appropriate ways to promote breastfeeding is to provide appropriate training to be effective. This study was conducted with the aim of comparing workshops and booklet on knowledge, beliefs and breastfeeding behaviors after delivery.
Methods: This clinical trial was conducted on 90 pregnant women who were selected in quota sampling method from Gonabad health centers in 2011. Participants randomly allocated into three groups such as training workshop (30 people), booklet (30 people) and control (30 people).All the participants filled, demographic questionnaire, knowledge and health beliefs assessment form. In workshop group, a three-hour workshop on the breastfeeding was performed. In booklet group they received a booklet about breastfeeding and the control group did not receive any special training. During the first 24 hours after delivery all participants during breastfeeding the baby were observed and breastfeeding behavior check list was completed, they also completed knowledge and belief breastfeeding assessment form. Data analyses were analyzed by spss software, qui square test, Student t, and ANOVA and Schaffer tests. 
Results: Average score of knowledge about breastfeeding after childbirth was higher in education workshop group than booklet (8.33±2.73 against 13.10±1.62) and Schaffer tests showed  a significant difference in this case (P= 0.003). Average score of health beliefs about postpartum breast-feeding in the workshop training group was higher than the control group (43.9±6.01 against 50.8±3.68) and Schaffer tests showed a significant difference in this case (P=0.016). Mean score performance of breastfeeding in workshop group was higher than booklet groups (4.86±1.19 vs. 6.63±1.21) and Schaffer test showed a significant statistical difference in this case (p < 0.001).
Conclusion: breastfeeding training through workshop method showed higher consciousness, health beliefs and proper behavior of breastfeeding right after childbirth than booklet. Then researchers suggest that breastfeeding training should be performed to mothers using workshops