The causes of formula use in mothers working in the offices of Khorasan Razavi province in2011

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Introduction:     women's  employment  is one of the fundamental problems in breastfeeding. Studies have shown that after delivery, amount of milk is  equal in the mothers working and non-working. But  after several   months will be reduced markedly.
Methods: In this study, with different departments was done coordination , and interviewed with the 351 mothers that had children under two years old . Then the results were extracted and analyzed
Results: about 77.6% children were feed  with mother's milk and 22.4% with  formula The causes  of use of formula in working mothers , respectively  include : 42.16%  back to work, 31.32% inadequate breast milk, , 6.02% mothers disease, 20.4% other . 87.7% of employed mothers were used from delivery leave for six months and  77.3% from mothers used passing hour for breastfeeding . 47.3% of mothers had  facilities for milk pump and any mothers Kindergarten near their place of work.
Conclusions: According to the results must: Increased delivery  leave, create workplace facilities for women, Nursery established near the workplace , Diminish the responsibility of women during lactation , providing  part time or flexible job  and encourage mothers to try breastfeeding.