Supporting of penal rights for infants and observance an medical ethics

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Introduction: Infants have a high station in our society and to support an immune life for them in parents, governmental institutions and NGOs. Purpose of this essay is good using of ethic of doctor for getting to mentioned aim.
Method: A head text is written with descriptive and analytic method.
Results: one of the fundamental missions of penal right is supporting of value as life right that is situated in group of indigenous human rights. Infants need to increasing action of criminal justice system due to highly vulnerability, main role of medical systems in life continuation, modern complications of medical world and social life and anti_ human phenomenon smuggling of infants especially. In between, adherence of doctor of infants to medical ethic necessitates at least intervention of penal system. Doctor of infant is One of very impressing and low cast implements in prevention to victimization of infants that his capabilities has not received much attention to strategic plan of criminal politics republic Islamic of Iran. Complete recognition of doctor to life and growth of infant accomplished with his career and professional obligations follows maximum of his effort in eradication ahead risks life of infant and the best solutions for preservation of pleasant growth process in physical and mental aspects that is combined with medical oath.
Conclusion: law and criminal supporting for infant have very importance in various aspects that nowadays, ignore partly. This shortage must eradicate with foreseen supported strategies and clear criterions in penal liability of infant doctor.