Studying the characters of mothers before and during pregnancy who had died neonate in Ghaem and Imam Reza hospital in 2011

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Introduction: The neonatal death rate indicates the improvement of community health. Knowing the maternal factors associated with neonatal  death is very effective for proper planning to improve care systems during  pregnancy, labor and birth. Therefore, the researchers decided to study the characters of mothers before and during pregnancy who had died neonate.
Methods: This is a retrospective descriptive study and  the research population included all infants who has been died  in the NICU  of Ghaem and  Imam Reza hospitals for several reasons in 2011.Data  were collected with researcher made questionnaire.160 neonates died  but 40 cases of them omitted due to lack of required information in the questionnaire and also same information in twin`s mother. Data were analyzed by spss software
Results: From 120 cases,90 person(75%) live in town and the other live in rural area. maternal mean age was 27 years.8women(6.7%) had relation with their spouse.48mother(40%) were primi gravid and 52 multigravid.26 mother(21.7%) had history of abortion and 14(11.7)had death neonate.57(47.5%) had vaginal delivery and 63(52.5%) had cesarean delivery.during pregnancy 20(16.7%) were preeclamptic and  3(2.5%) diabetic and 7 pregnancy(5.8%) occur after infertility treatment.23(19.2%) were PROM and 4(3.3%)had history of drug abuse.97 pregnancy(80.8%) were singleton and the other were twin.
Conclusions: Based on the results, several maternal factors such as maternal  disease, pregnancies after infertility treatment, PROM, history of abortion, neonatal death, twin pregnancy, Relative marriage, using drug is associated with mortality. Therefore taking good history and Better care of mothers and prevention of maternal risk factors affecting neonatal mortality are necessary.