Study of knowledge in mothers with children under 2 years about the benefits, Correct and adequate breastfeeding in FARIMAN CITY - 2012

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Introduction: Breast milk for infants, is the vital importance. So that is essential in the infant immune levels against the risk of acute respiratory infections, diarrhea, and supply minerals and vitamins, and also Emotional relationship between mother and child is stronger. And the infant will lead to the development of IQ. Considering that breast milk volume is directly related to the frequent and how to breastfeeding, knowledge in mothers in these cases is important in Desirable breastfeeding.
Methods: The study was descriptive and analytical .Population of 109 mothers with children under two years of the city's rural population in FARIMAN, Completing the questionnaires and interviews were survey and data collected was analyzed by spss software.
Results: Results indicate that 11.9 percent of mothers   have adequate information about the benefits of breastfeeding, 23.8 percent in good level, 52.2 percent average and 11.9 percent is very poor. Knowledge in mothers Putting breast milk and hugging 90.7% is desirable,4.5% Unsuitable, 5.5% don, t have knowledge in this field. Awareness 92.6% of mothers about breast milk is   desirable, while the 1.8 percent had incorrect information, and 5.5 percent had no knowledge.    In case Appropriate number of breastfeeding at 87.1 percent knowledge desirable, 8.2 percent   Unsuitable. And 4.5% Statement disavowed. Awareness of the symptoms adequacy of breast suckling, in the 54.1 percent correct, 1 percent wrong and 44.9 percent on this issue was not informed.
conclusions: The results of this study need to intervene to raise awareness mothers about Signs on Adequacy breastfeeding and to be felt need to provide resources and benefits media about breastfeeding