relationship between Body Mass Index (BMI) before pregnancy and postpartum anxiety level in primiparous women referring to selected medical - educational centers in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 2012

Document Type : Original Article



Introduction: Many documents demonstrates relationship between high Body Mass Index and women anxiety and depression ,but among our research now ,there aren't t any evidence about postpartum , so this study describes relationship between women Body Mass Index (BMI) before pregnancy and their postpartum anxiety level .
Methods: In this study , 54 primiparous women were selected randomly and their BMI before pregnancy was calculated .in postpartum also ,the anxiety scale was measured by spielberger questionnaire and entering data in spss softwere ,was analyzed by Kruskal Wallis Test .
Results: The mean anxiety level of  underweight (BMI< 18.6) ,normal (18.6<BMI < 24.9 ) and overweight (BMI > 25 ) groups was orderly as follow : 41.5 ,41.52 and 44.18 .it seems more the average of BMI before pregnancy ,more postpartum women anxiety level but it isn t significant Statistically (P = 0.208 ).
Conclusions: This study demonstrates that  high grade of BMI before pregnancy may result in increasing  postpartum women anxiety level ,bad mood and delays maternal – neonate communication and correct breastfeeding .