Newborn's primary care standards do graduate midwifery

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Introduction: First minutes of a baby's life are very important stage of life is filled with danger, this study aimed to assess the infant's primary care standards do graduate midwifes.
Methods: Present research is a cross-sectional study. Statistical society of this research is a group of recent graduated midwifes including 50 persons, have graduated in the recent three years and are providing midwifery services in the hospitals of Mashhad . Also a group including  persons from heads of the health centers was selected,  all these heads at least had 6 months job experience. Applied tool in this study for assessment of the graduated midwifes was self-assessment questionnaire of midwife. This questionnaire was prepared by international confederation of midwifery and it is approved by  standards of World Health Organization (WHO). Another questionnaire is “assessment of midwifes by heads” which is extracted from the other questionnaire. Then collected data were statistically analyzed.
Results:71.4% of the graduated midwives assessed their standard skills enough for their job in  to determine of Apgar and 85.7 in the newborn's primary care standards do graduate midwifery , 83.3% of the authorities in the maternities assessed the graduates enough skillful to handle the situations.
Conclusion: One hundred percent of primary care skills are needed to enhance baby's standards with regard to the importance of planning and special attention