Determination the relationship between Periodontal disease and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in pregnant women referred to selected public health centers in Mashhad, 2011

Document Type : Original Article


Master of Midwifery, faculty member of ShahidBeheshty University of Medical science


Introduction: Diabetes is the most common medical complication in pregnancy. Various risk factors have been mentioned for gestational diabetes, but just a few studies have assessed a relationship between periodontal disease and gestational diabetes. This study was conducted to determine the relationship between periodontal disease and gestational diabetes in clients of selected health- care centers in Mashhad in 2011. 
Methods: this historical cohort study was conducted on 91 women affected to periodontal disease (case group) and 186 healthy women (control group) coming to selected health- care centers in Mashhad. Data gathering method included interview and examination and convenient sampling method was used. Both groups were matched in interfering factors (the number of pregnancies and parities, body mass index before pregnancy and gestational age).
Results: demographic and obstetrical characteristics were similar in two groups,  just participants' age in periodontal group was more than healthy one. Affecting to periodontal disease was related to gestational diabetes (P<0.05). Affecting risk ratio to diabetes in women with periodontal disease was 5.7 times more than people without it. Conclusion: According to the present study's findings, affecting to periodontal disease (disseminated chronic priodontitis) can be a risk factor for affecting to gestational diabetes.